Beauty Mavens

Manhattan & NY Metro Suburbs

This map displays the transit routes and lines where your ad will appear.

What's Included

  • TARGETING BY CONSUMER TYPE: Using Google data about users’ browsing history (websites they’ve visited recently, products they’ve clicked on, their responsiveness to similar-themed ads and more), Adverator is able to identify consumers with an expressed interest in beauty products and targets your banner ad exclusively to these users.
  • Unlike targeting by website, where ads appear on a specific site, targeting by users means your banner ad will display wherever your interested users are online.
  • BANNER AD CAMPAIGN: Your campaign is run-of-site and appears exclusively to visitors in the markets you’ve selected.
  • DISTRIBUTION: Impressions are measured per month, and are delivered throughout the duration of your campaign. We do our best to ensure even pacing; please refer to the Key Dates section to see if we predict a pacing issue based on your selected dates.
About Beauty Mavens

Beauty Mavens are always on the hunt for new products to incorporate into their personal beauty regimen. They’re well-versed on the pros and cons of different products, and remain loyal to the ones they know and love while still being excited to try out new things. Their time online is spent watching hair and makeup tutorials, researching the latest innovations, and brushing up on tips and tricks from industry experts.

Ad Placement

Your ad is run-of-site and may appear in any of these possible positions on any page.

Website Ad Position
Ad Specifications

  • Width: 300 pixels
  • Height: 250 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 40 KB
  • File resolution: 72 DPI
  • File formats accepted: JPG, PNG, GIF


  • If your ad has a white or transparent background, a 1-pixel wide color border is required.


  • If you have a different file format you’d like to use, just let your Adverator advisor know — we’ll do our best to make it happen!
  • We accept both ad tags and links. If you are submitting a link, we highly recommend using a tracking URL.
Digital Specs
Available Markets

Market Min. Impressions Price


Phoenix & Flagstaff 50,000 $290


San Francisco & Northern Coast 50,000 $290
San Diego 50,000 $290
Greater Los Angeles 50,000 $290

Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska

Denver 50,000 $290

District Of Columbia

Greater Washington DC 50,000 $290


Miami / Ft. Lauderdale 50,000 $290

Georgia, South Carolina

Atlanta 50,000 $290


Chicagoland 50,000 $290

Massachusetts, New Hampshire

Boston / Manchester, NH 50,000 $290

New York

Manhattan & NY Metro Suburbs 50,000 $290


Greater Philadelphia & Delaware 50,000 $290


Dallas / Ft. Worth 50,000 $290
Greater Houston 50,000 $290


Seattle / Tacoma 50,000 $290