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BART - Interior Posters

BART - Interior Posters
What's Included
Poster Campaign
Your posters will be printed, installed, and displayed throughout BART.
Proof of Performance
You’ll receive a campaign summary with a photograph of one of your posters installed in the train.
You'll receive a hard copy of your poster with your first placement.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) is the 3rd most heavily traveled rail system in the U.S., with over 400,000 riders on board per day and 70% of those commuters riding 5+ times per week.

There are an estimated 98,398 impressions per 20 interior posters on BART (based on a typical 4-week campaign).


  • Age 37.4
  • Female 49%
  • Male 51%
  • Med. Household income $54,981

Ad Placement

In any car, your ad may appear in any of these possible ad positions.

OOH Ad Position

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Ad Specs

Ad Specs

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  • Page Trim
    21"W x 22"H
  • Live Area
    18.875"W x 20"H
  • Resolution

Need an ad designed?

Ad design is available for an additional $250.

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Market info


BART - Interior Posters
Min. Buy 85 Posters
Price $18,195
BART - Station Posters
Min. Buy 1 Poster
Price $1,091


CTA 'L' - Station Posters
Min. Buy 1 Poster
Price $998
CTA 'L' - Interior Posters
Min. Buy 50 Posters
Price $2,209


Minneapolis-St. Paul Light Rail - Station Posters
Min. Buy 1 Poster
Price $998

New Jersey

NJ Transit Train - Interior Posters
Min. Buy 25 Posters
Price $2,394


DART Rail - Station Posters
Min. Buy 1 Poster
Price $998