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Private Air Luxury Homes

Private Air Luxury Homes
What's Included
Your ad appears in all copies of this magazine which is distributed at regional airports, on private jets, and to paid subscribers .
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You will receive 2 checking copies in the mail upon publication. Additional copies are available for purchase.
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Private Air Luxury Homes magazine is published exclusively for the most discerning travelers, and distributed through private jet terminals throughout the world. Readers are a highly sought-after demographic, including some of the world's wealthiest individuals—among them executives, heads of state, entrepreneurs, and entertainers. The magazine reflects the interests of this readership, serving as an insider's guide to the best of the best in real estate, world travel, sophisticated arts and culture, and luxury products. Each issue is edited and designed to be kept.


  • Age 57
  • Female 38%
  • Male 62%
  • Med. Household income $5,800,000

Editorial Calendar

  • January/February

    Published: 1/2/19

  • March/April

    Published: 3/1/19

  • May/June

    Published: 5/1/19

  • July/August

    Published: 7/1/19

  • September/October

    Published: 9/1/19

  • November/December

    Published: 11/1/19


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