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People en Español

People en Español
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The Spanish language sister publication to People magazine, this title delivers original editorial content from Hispanic culture, the world of entertainment, fashion and beauty, and human interest stories. People en Espanol is the Spanish-language magazine with the largest readership in the United States.


  • Age 43
  • Female 64%
  • Male 36%
  • Med. Household income $42,543

Editorial Calendar

  • March

    The Beauty Issue

    April 9th Cover

    With special sections on the 50 Best Beauty Buys, Elige a tu Bello, and Valentine's Day.

  • April

    The Power Issue

    May 14th Cover

    Featuring Las 25 Mas Poderosas, fashion and beauty that gives back, and the Top 10 Superfoods.

  • May

    The Mother's Day Issue

    June 11th Cover

    With special sections on the Red Carpet Awards, beauty lessons from mom, and a Mother's Day Gift Guide.

  • June/July

    The Bellos Issue

    July 9th Cover

    Featuring the 50 Most Beautiful, Summer Hair Guide, Athleisure Special, and a Father's Day Gift Guide.

  • August


    August 13th Cover

    With special sections on parenting and the Red Carpet Awards.

  • September

    The Fashion Issue

    September 10th Cover

    With special sections on the Hottest Bodies and 25 Mas Fashion.

  • October

    Latino Influential

    October 8th Cover

    Featuring the Most Influential Latinos and Red Carpet - Premios tu Mundo.

  • November

    The Hot List

    November 12th Cover

    With special sections on home decor for the holidays and saborealo-holiday baking recipes.

  • December

    Holiday + Stars of the Year

    December 10th Cover

    Featuring a Latin Grammy Retrospect, Holiday Gift Guide, and more.


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Available Markets

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Available Markets


Southern Arizona
Southern Arizona
Circ. 11,800
Readers 157,648
Price $1,600
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Greater San Francisco
Greater San Francisco
Circ. 18,010
Readers 240,614
Price $2,440
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Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Circ. 44,820
Readers 598,795
Price $4,590
hide view
San Diego / Palm Springs
San Diego / Palm Springs
Circ. 10,910
Readers 145,758
Price $1,480
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South Florida
South Florida
Circ. 35,300
Readers 471,608
Price $3,860
hide view
Tampa / Orlando
Tampa / Orlando
Circ. 14,200
Readers 189,712
Price $1,930
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Circ. 7,810
Readers 104,342
Price $1,450
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Circ. 14,750
Readers 197,060
Price $2,000
hide view

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

Boston /Connecticut /Providence
Boston /Connecticut /Providence
Circ. 17,860
Readers 238,610
Price $2,420
hide view

New York, New Jersey

New York / Northern New Jersey
New York / Northern New Jersey
Circ. 45,860
Readers 612,690
Price $4,670
hide view


Austin / San Antonio
Austin / San Antonio
Circ. 26,730
Readers 357,113
Price $3,200
hide view
Dallas / Ft. Worth
Dallas / Ft. Worth
Circ. 14,040
Readers 187,574
Price $1,900
hide view
Circ. 19,150
Readers 255,844
Price $2,600
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