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Edible Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island & East End

Edible Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island & East End
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Your ad appears in each of the following Edible magazines: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and East End.
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You will receive 2 checking copies in the mail upon publication. Up to 4 additional copies may be purchased.
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Edible magazines celebrate culinary communities with an emphasis on farm-to-table and organic cuisines. Distributed in beloved local hotels and restaurants, Edible reaches foodies in their favorite haunts from coast to coast.


  • Age 34
  • Female 54%
  • Male 46%
  • Med. Household income $125,000

Editorial Calendar

  • March

    Spring: Drinks


    New Yorkers are at the forefront of the evolving drinks culture, and this issue celebrates the mixologists, brewers, distillers and chefs who are driving what we drink in New York and beyond.

  • June

    Summer: Innovation


    From smart refrigerators to farm robots and self-serve grocers, technology is wending its way into every link in our food chain. How we grow and eat food is changing faster than ever before. This issue features the entrepreneurs, investors and food and drink makers behind that innovation.

  • September

    Fall: Travel


    Edible readers tell us that when they travel, they book restaurant reservations before they book hotels and airline tickets. We show food- and drink-centric travel through the eyes of New Yorkers who we follow on agritourism in Croatia, kimchi making in Korea, tequila making in Mexico, mushroom foraging in Oregon, and all farflung flavors in between.

  • November

    Winter: Celebration


    Between the fall harvest and the early New year, gatherings around food and drink are what sustain us. From cozy cooking recipes to inspiring stories of food kindness and our annual gift guide, this issue shows us how to host and enjoy our edible community during the holidays.


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Available Markets

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Available Markets


San Francisco City
San Francisco City
Circ. 10,000
Readers 35,000
Price $2,000
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Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara
Circ. 20,000
Readers 70,000
Price $2,000
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New York

Manhattan / Brooklyn / Long Island / East End
Manhattan / Brooklyn / Long Island / East End
Circ. 135,000
Readers 472,500
Price $5,180
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Circ. 40,000
Readers 140,000
Price $2,660
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